April 3-6, 2024
Key West Challenge
Viking Key West Challenge 2023
Official Rules
  1. Mandatory Captain’s Meeting April 12, 2023, at Dante’s Tiki Bar at 6pm.
  2. Fishing days, April 13 and April 15, 2023. Lay day is April 14. No weather day.
  3. Fishing hours are 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. You may clear the sea buoy any time after 6:30 AM. Geographical boundary limits: Eastern boundary W 81.20 (Big Pine Key); Western boundary W 82.20 (35 miles SSW Key West)
  4. IGFA rules apply with the following exception: rod hand-offs permitted.
  5. Non-offset circle hooks must be used for billfish. All billfish must be released unharmed.
  6. There is no weather committee. Fishing is up to the decision of the captains who assume all liability for their decision.
  7. Live and dead bait may be used. No live bait chumming. No live bait teasers.
  8. No more than two kites are permitted to be used with live bait; two artificial teasers may be used with live bait; no more than two dredges, and two teasers for trolling.
  9. Only six rods are permitted in the water at any one time. This includes pitch bait rods.
  10. Electric reels are permitted for swordfish and bottom fish categories.
  11. Anglers may only score points (team and angler) on the boat he/she is registered.
  12. There are no restrictions on line tests.
  13. All catch reports must be submitted by 5:30pm each day with boat name clearly printed.
  14. No bow fishing permitted on Viking Yachts. Bow fishing allowed on Valhalla Boatworks.
Fishing Regulations
  1. All anglers must comply with state and federal boating and fishing regulations with appropriate licenses and necessary documentation. All fish weighed must meet state and local minimums: Dolphin 20”, Kingfish 24”, Swordfish 47” and Cobia 33”. To learn more about Florida fishing regulations go to myfwc.com/license. All boats fishing in the tournament are required to carry liability insurance.
  2. A release will be official when the mate touches the leader, or the leader reaches the inside of the rod tip. Honor system in effect.
  3. All billfish releases must be called in over the VHF radio channel 78 (80 backup) with boat and angler’s name. Once verbally acknowledged by the radio committee the time of release will be noted. In case of a tie, earliest release prevails.
  4. Any boat that hooks up between 3:20 and 3:29 pm MUST alert the radio committee and then confirm its release or break off time.
  5. All releases must be relayed via radio. In case of radio malfunction, please call-in releases to 609-703-1371

Team Awards

Grand Champion Award – 
Most Points Boat, Winner Take All 
Overall Releases & Meat

First, Second, Third Places in all Categories
Sailfish, Billfish, Tuna, Dolphin, Cobia, Kingfish, Wahoo



Angler Awards

Grand Champion Award – 
Most Points Angler, Winner Take All 
Overall Releases & Meat

First, Second, Third Places 
Sailfish, Billfish, Tuna, Dolphin, Cobia, Kingfish, Wahoo
First Place Swordfish
First Place Bottom Fish

Top Female Angler
Overall Releases & Meat

Top Junior Angler
15 and under
Overall Releases & Meat

Point Scores
Sailfish live bait 100; Sailfish dead bait 200 
White Marlin 200; Blue Marlin 300

Tuna, Dolphin, Cobia, Kingfish, Wahoo, Swordfish, Bottom Fish
1 point per pound

Anglers can weigh one fish of each species per day

Weigh station location at Conch Harbor. 
Scales open at 3 pm and close at 5:30 pm

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